Business Services.

We offer to go with your entrepreneurship during all phases of a start up project into the Chilean market, from the assessment to the setup of your business.

We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in Commercial, Legal and Management fields.

We have the experience of having started businesses in Chile in sectors such as energy, mining, industry and transportation systems. .

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We go with you in the decision to open the market in Chile.

We offer local market understanding applied to your business.

We measure the potential of your value proposition.

We deliver relevant information to support your decision to set up your company in the Chilean market.

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We analyze and suggest alternatives for your set up, based on costs and benefits (Representation, new venture, acquisition or merger).

We deliver a comparative analysis for the right decision-making and assist you in developing your business plan.

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Consistent with the option chosen for entering the Chilean market.

We manage and / or advise you on all of your setting up activities.

We cover the legal and commercial aspects, environment management, organization and real estate.

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We accompany your entrepreneurship in Chile for a smooth adaptation of his new organization to the local environment.

We advice you in the realization of the Business Plan.

We assist you in finding opportunities, Networking, strategic alliances.

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    Address: Cerro el Plomo nº 5931 Oficina 1703
    Telephone: +56 9 94038452
    Commune: Las Condes